The first step is to reserve your boards.  Our online booking page is the easiest way to reserve gear for your SUP rental.  Click Here to make a reservation.

The second step is to have everybody that is going to paddle complete our online waiver.  We need one for each adult.  Kids under 18 can be added to a parent or guardian’s form.  It only takes a few minutes and helps us get everyone on the water faster.

The final step is to check-in at our shop.  Signing the waiver online significantly reduces check-in time.

We can load boards on your car for a day of paddling on one of the many cascade lakes or we can get the gear to our local section of the Deschutes River to paddle in what we call the Old Mill Stretch.  We have lots of straps and pads to help load boards on your car or pickup.  Please make sure that pickup beds are free of anything that could damage our equipment.

$20 / hr

$60 / 24hr

$30    2-hour Special

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